How to Send Anonymous SMS To Any Phone

Hello Friends, Today I am going to tell you "How to Send Anonymous SMS Using Termux". Because hackers have to make their security to make them aware. And when the hacker sends any message, he wants to send it with security that no one can read his letter. And you can send Free Unlimited Sms from these tricks.

And we are telling you 2 Method in this Article, Whereby you can send Free Unlimited SMS. In this, we will send anonymous SMS with a third-party app, and in the second we will tell about using Turmux. You can use Any options.

Method -1:-

Step 1 First you download the termux app in the play store. After you download the termux, you will install the package in termux.

$ apt-get update $ apt-get upgrade $ termux-setup-storage $ pkg install python $ pkg install git $ pip install requests

Step 2 git clone

$ ls $ cd Anon-SMS $ ls $ bash

Then Click Enter.

Step 3 Now a new page will be opened in front of you, there are 4 options given to you. Now you have to enter some command.

You Have to press 1 to send anonymous SMS and Enter.

Step 4 And you have to Enter the country code and Enter.

Step 5 You can Enter the Mobile number, which you want to send this message. Press Enter. And type your comment here.

And Press Enter.

Now he has been sent anonymous SMS on your mobile number.

Method 2:-

Step 1 Download The App Given Below.

Download Link Step 2 Register a New Account With Fake Email And Verify It

Step 3 Choose A Number From The Numbers Given To u. Step 4 The App Will Give u 2000 Credits To Spend.

Step 5 Click On Pen Option And Type The Numbers And Allow The Contacts On The App.

Step 6 Choose your Friends Phone And Type a Message And Press On Send.

Step 7 Once Sent, App Will Notify U.

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